Battle Warrior Playing Movie


BattleWarrior Description


========== Battle Warrior ============

– Characteristic –

* Transformable robot – more powerful and stronger weapon after transformation.
* Several tens of enemy units and more various weapons.
* Easy and intuitive control.
* 2-D animation and effect with magnificence and high-quality.
* Upgrading the Specialized own robot with level-up.
* To acquire the chance of various items on the game.

– How to play –

* Tilt the Iphone to the right to go ahead.
* Tile the Iphone to the left to go back.
* You can jump when pushing the jump button.
* When you tap the screen, you can launch the arms.
* You can change your arm by touching 2nd arm button.
* You can transform when you touch transformation button in transformable phase.
* You can pause the game when pushing the menu button.

– Scenario –

Time’s up.
Completely ready to fight.
Are you ready to be assigned for your mission?
Outrageous enemies.
Don’t worry though.
The ultramodern transformable robot, “BATTLE WARRIOR”, is waiting for you.
Defeat enemies with no mercy and save the world.
You are the only one who can decide the destiny of the world.